Full name

Shauna Faye


Desktop Publishing, Print Layout and Design


Anchorage, AK


Only 160 characters! Lets waste the first few saying, man I am much more versatile than 160 letters. If what you need is not here, ask me.


I won my first client by telling her, I honestly don’t know how to do that. But I WILL figure it out, because there is nothing I can not learn, and I can make anything look good. And I’ve lived up to that ideal that ever since.
I work in a print shop doing prepress, and production. In 2007 I realised that my degree in Arch. & Eng. Tech was not going to get me far during the housing bubble burst so I accepted a position as a graphic designer temp. Then I did not leave. I might have left the dream of laboring over blueprints in the dust, but I found a wonderful, better career because of it.
Because I recieve files as much a I create them I know what the shop needs. I think of myself as a print consultant as much as a designer. But I don’t stop there. I make you look good!